Fig. 10.    Micrographs of afferent input on a proximal dendrite/cell body of a cholinergic cell in the SI (case 93047).  A:  Location of the cell indicated by the star in boxed area.  B:  Low power micrograph of boxed area in A. ChAT-immunoreactive cell in the center (in box) is enlarged in C and D.  D:  Arrow points to the bouton contacting the dendrite.  E:  Electron micrograph of the cholinergic neuron. Dendritic shaft, indicated by electron-dense precipitate, extends to the lower right. Bouton is present in boxed area F.  F:  Detail of the strongly electron-dense PHA-L-labeled terminal. Open arrows indicate the synaptic cleft. Heavy immunoprecipitate at the synaptic membrane obscures possible postsynaptic thickening. Scale bars = 200 µm in B, 50 µm in C, 10 µm in D, 2 µm in E, 0.5 µm in F.