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Research Assistant at Center for Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience  Rutgers University   2015-present


Research Assistant at Institute for Data Science, Learning, and Applications  Rutgers University   2015-2018


Research Assistant at Center for Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience, Rutgers  University  2003-2004


Diploma in Computer Science at Budapest Polytechnic in Computer Science, Budapest  1998 – 2002,  minor in Physics (2 semesters) at Eotvos Lorand University 1997 - 1998





Rutgers University, New Jersey                                                             Zaborszky Lab, CMBN                     

Research Assistant (09/2015 – present)


I am responsible for designing and implementing new software’s for data analysis and experiment support. I designed and implemented a tool for anatomical data analysis and visualization (virtualratbrain). I also work on analysis of electrophysiological data using Machine Learning tools.



Rutgers University, New Jersey             Institute for Data Science, Learning, and Applications                             

Research Assistant (09/2015 – 2018)


Primary responsibilities were to help industrialize academic AI projects. I was guiding students in feature engineering and model selection.


Major projects:


·         Multi-document summarization of news articles using NLP tools

·         Crime prediction based on criminal history data using SVM and RNN models

·         Police report classification into crime categories using bag of word models




Ipredictus, Parsippany NJ                                                                  http://www.ipredictus.com

Application Developer (01/2014 to 03/2015)


Using predictive analytics, the company evaluates every media buy and recommends performance-based changes in near real-time. Their method guarantees media placements so responsive, users see up to a 40% lift in ROI over their previous plans.




  • Designing a unification process for data coming form different data providers.It has been implemented in Java.


  • Designing algorithms to support automated deceison making processes for media buy evaluation.







The Deal (now part of The Street), New York                                             http://www.thedeal.com

Application Developer (01/2005 to 02/2014)


The company gathers, reports and disseminates information of corporate and financial deal making activities and sells it to dealmakers, advisers and institutional investors. The collected data is stored in relational database (Oracle). A J2EE based system provides web access to the subscriber.



Major Projects:


·      I was involved in a project of merging different corporate and financial databases (Venture capital, Bankruptcy, M&A etc.) into one Unified Database and creating a J2EE based editorial back-end for it. Responsibilities:


-                                             Requirement gathering

-   Design part of the Unified Data Model (Oracle, 70 table)

-   Involved in design of Java Bean (EJB) layer using “Session Façade” pattern

-   Implementation of EJB layer

-   Implementation of editorial backend (Servlet/JSP)


·      I accomplished a project of building a uniform Subscriber Access Control System for all electronic services of the company (web products, email news letters, alert generation etc.). Responsibilities:


-   Writing technical specification according to detailed functional spec.  

-   Design of the database schema (Oracle,15 table)

-   Implementing the system (Java)

-   Integrating the system with online services (Servlet Filters)

-   Implementation of the administrative back-end (Servlet/JSP)



Other Responsibilities:


-   Adding new functionalities to the company online presence (Servlet/JSP, EJB)

-   Creating a data publication system (PL/SQL)

-   Performance tuning of the front-end web application: JVM tuning (memory leak detection),  Query optimization,  Weblogic tuning

-   Solaris / Linux sysadmin tasks and Shell Scripting

-   Weblogic, Tomcat, Apache and Oracle administrative tasks


Technologies:  Java/J2EE(Servlet/JSP, EJB), JDBC,SQLMap, PL/SQL, Bash, XML, HTML

Softwares:                 Weblogic, Oracle9i, Fatwire CMS, Apache, Eclipse, NetBeans





Rutgers University, New Jersey                                                              Zaborszky Lab, CMBN

Java Developer (09/2003 – 12/2004)


I was participating in a project (financed by NIH) to develop an application for collecting, analyzing and publishing neurobiological data.  The implemented J2EE based system consists of a server side application for advanced data processing, a desktop client for data visualization, and a web interface for searching and submitting data.




-   Design and Implementation of the server side application using EJBs

-   Design an Implementation of the web interface  (Servlet/JSP)

-   Database design (Oracle)

-   Implementation of an API for the client application (XSLT, JAXP, JAXB)

-   Installing and administering JBoss Application Server

-   Developing complex mathematical methods


Technologies:   J2EE(Servlets, JSPs, EJBs), JBoss, Swing, XML, XSLT, JAXB, JAXP, XPath

Softwares:        Oracle9i, Eclipse




Global Technology Ventures, New York                                                       http://www.gtv.com

PHP developer  (03/2002 – 08/2003)


The company provides instant messaging solutions. The purpose of the project was to add new features to their CRM system.




-   Redesign the database schema according to the new features

-   Designing and implementing the new features using PHP

-   Creating a new back end interface using PHP.

-   Embedding web applications to their Instant Messaging Server.



Technologies:  PHP, Mysql, Javascript, Apache, Linux




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